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Vegan Scene @ May Cottage
March 15, 2011, 4:31 pm
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Many apologies for the delay in new postings on this weblog. There is so much going on here and I’m very excited about our new projects and opportunities.

I’ve got several updates in the coming weeks about delicious new foods and recipes we’ve been inspired by lately, as well as what we’re sowing; as the light and warmth come around again, it’s obviously time to get our hands in the soil!

Today, I want to share our proposal of opening our house to other vegans. We want to make it a living, breathing vegan community!

Daley and I have both stumbled upon unique career opportunities in London, which is 120 miles away from our current location. Unfortunately, these opportunities don’t seem to be cropping up locally at the moment, so we feel we’ve really got to move down into the city for an undisclosed period of time. I’ve been studying and certifying in naturopathic therapies, and have found work in a brilliant naturopathic clinic as a colonic hydrotherapist. Daley has found a gig as chef in vegan restaurant that specializes in raw food.

Rather than sell up and ship out, we want to keep our cottage going with the spirit of nonviolence and progression.¬†We’d love our place to become a beacon and haven for like-minded individuals where projects can thrive, where it is¬†feasible for vegans to join together in a residential community to spread awareness, grow and cook vegan food, and look after nonhumans that are in need of support.

We’re not doing this for profit, but rather out of a deep-seeded need to not revert this place back to the status quo simply because we can no longer be here.

To an extent, we’ll be sharing our lives with one another so this project needs to be based on trust, respect, and thorough vegan ideals.

If you’re interested in joining us or know someone in the UK that might be, check out our website for details.

Thanks all, and look out for more postings here very soon! We’ll take several big leaps of faith and sow many seeds in the coming months!

Home Sweet Home: May Cottage in Nottinghamshire, UK