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the cat that lives here
December 13, 2010, 10:32 pm
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His name is Taco and I don’t feed him meat. I don’t get his dead people for him; he does that for himself. I think it is wrong for me to eat dead people, and I don’t want to go feeding them to Taco, either.

A lot of people, vegan as well as meat and secretion eaters, think that providing a plant-based diet for Taco is unnatural, that it’s wrong. However, if the standard of “natural” is meat-based kibble, then I think it may well be more natural and certainly contains less chemicals and a much more consistent moral judgement!

The truth about meat-based kibble is that it is a processed, chemically altered product created from by-products of the meat industry deemed “unfit” for human consumption (and obviously somehow fit for nonhuman animal consumption!). Many people claim that animals need the nutrients in meat-based kibble, however, because of the extremely poor quality of meat and the over processing of it, this kibble is nearly always fortified with vitamins and minerals that come from (WHOA) plant-based sources! This includes that much debated amino acid, taurine, that cats must obtain from an external source because they cannot produce their own. Yes, Virginia, the fortified taurine in meat-based kibble comes from a plant.

So, anyway, Taco is a two and a half year old cat and he is healthy and active. He’s an “outdoor” and “indoor” cat because he has access to a cat flap that’s always open. I am happy to provide as much of a free and comfortable home to him as possible, but I regret the too-frequent times he brings home a dead or near-dead creature and I despair in the actuality that he wreaks havoc on the local wild life population. Just a few days ago, he brought in a traumatized sparrow that thankfully did not appear to be physically wounded. We had to help this deeply perplexed creature by picking her/him up, and placing him/her outside to fly away. The point of ┬áthis story is to explain that I don’t know and I don’t suspect that Taco only eats 100% plant-based foods. To the contrary, I think he regularly supplements his diet with murdered nonhumans.

I’m sure he’d engage in this deeply ingrained behavior regardless of whether he ate meat- or plant-based kibble, and it is important to me that I make sure NOT to engage in any murdering myself, other than to provide a home for a murderous cat, which I can justify, because he is a victim of domestication, like so many other souls on this earth, and deserves not to be abandoned.

Taco does alright on plant-based foods. Besides kibble, he is regularly offered chickpeas (mashed and whole), sweet corn (he loves), seaweed, lentils, tofu, and anything else he expresses an interest in.

I wholly recommend trying your cat on vegan kibble if you don’t like slavery.

(By the way, we use a brand named Ami.)