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hello, young sprout
July 29, 2010, 7:04 pm
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Sprouts are meant to be some of the most health giving foods ever. They are alive as alive could be. They have phytochemicals, pretty much every nutrient, proteins, and enzymes. I love googling the health properties of different sprouts, especially when I’m having a slow day.

My favorite seed to sprout is definitely broccoli. It very quickly turns from a sleepy, black seed to a bright green, crispy carpet of yum.

broccoli seeds ready to eat after 2 days of germination!

broccoli seeds, ready to eat after only 2 days of germination!

We love all the different kinds of sprouts around here. Alfalfa is especially healthy and tasty, but I have discovered it is a faster growing sprout in cold weather. My alfalfas were germinated the same night as my brocs, but these guys still need to grow. In the winter, when the kitchen is much cooler, the alfalfa  zooms out of its golden shell.

alfalfa having a slow day in the heat

If you’re new to sprouting, you will need to find a jar and a piece of breathable cloth like moslin or cheese cloth.  You could also purchase a sprouting container. In my experience, the container is worth the money. With the jar, you can’t drain off as much moisture, making for damp, sometimes moldy growing conditions. The design of the container (we use a  Vogel Biosnacky) allows for more moisture to escape.

Most seeds need to be soaked overnight to get them germinating, but some only need a few minutes of soaking. After this step, put the seeds in a jar for a few days, rinsing and draining once to twice daily. Before long, your sprouts will be ready to eat.

There are so many different seeds to sprout. We’ve tried chickpea, sunflower, mung bean, buckwheat, and the spicy radish!