Vegan Scene

in need of vegan scenery
July 22, 2010, 7:06 pm
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You can not go to a vegan town; you can not go somewhere substantial on the map and immerse yourself in the culture, the food, the ideas of veganism.

We do not have a town. We have little huts, sometimes just little rooms, dotted along a small but growing number of roads, the biggest of those being¬† the information highway. A big enough congregating point is necessary; the word ‘enough’ is exacting- we need all the world to stop partaking in violent exploitation.

This big idea is an extreme challenge. We all know myriads of people that will never give it up, will never break the illusion that exploiting animals is essential to their existence. When you think about your friends and family, their mindsets and habits, you start forming the assertion that we are going down a path of destruction and that we are helpless to stop it.  But undoubtedly, we are less helpless then we allow ourselves to think.

In the face of a grim existence, let ours set an example. A few suggestions: In lieu of standard “organic” practices that use mainly animal manures, let’s grow our own– properly. Without animal inputs. Without pesticides. Let’s create genuinely sustainable growing systems. Let’s show our new garden to the people in our communities. Show them that it is not a secret that we can live like this, without subordinating other species to constant slavery and murder.

Cook and talk about it. Cook, eat, grow, and definitely sow.

Remember, whenever we sow seeds, it is for the future. It is always about thinking ahead. Let’s make a great, abundant, delicious garden. Let’s grow this vegan scene larger than its current plot.