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it’s been too long/tofu marinades
September 5, 2010, 9:28 pm
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The blog has taken a back seat as I’ve been mulling over and working toward big things, things that soon I will put down in words and up on this blog as a way to solidify my reasons and aspirations.

Right now, I just want to share my thoughts on marinating tofu and tempeh. I’ve actually thought quite a lot about it, as it goes. For instance, I think the best time to marinade your tofu is right before bed. This way, it will have just enough time to soak up the flavors by the time you eat it the following night, about 19 ┬áhours later.

There are lots of ways to marinade: simple one-or-two ingredient marinades, dry rubs, or the marinades with dry and wet ingredients.

When I have time, I marinade by mixing together dry herbs, rubbing the mixture onto an unsliced block of tofu, slicing the tofu, applying the dry mix to the new slices, and then adding grated ginger, garlic, and fresh lime juice.

The marinated tofu slices pictured here did not have fresh ginger or garlic because we were out of both! It was still a tangy, interesting marinade and included cumin, 2 Indian spice blends, cayenne pepper, paprika, powdered ginger, cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and lots of lime juice.

After the tofu slices marinated for about 18 hours, we fried them lightly on a hot cast iron pan and ate them.