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dehydrated kale chips
September 9, 2010, 6:18 pm
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fresh kale brushed with tahini, before dehydration

I do realize there’re only so many posts I can make about kale. However…

A few weeks ago, we found a used dehydrator on e-bay, so we took the plunge. A dehydrator is a simple box with a heating system, fan, and thermostat. The dehydrator blows warm air over raw food, evaporating moisture content in the food, hence providing a dried and warmed edible that is still technically raw, since it was never heated above 118 degrees F.

There are lots of ways to use a dehydrator. One of my main goals with the device was to make raw kale chips.

First I made a basic tahini dressing, roughly 4 tablespoons of tahini paste, 2 cloves raw garlic, lemon juice, splash of olive oil, and sea salt whizzed together. I combined that with about 1/2 cup water. I coated about 325 grams of fresh kale leaves with this tahini, then placed them in a warmed dehydrator for 4 hours at 110 degrees F.

When they were brittle and ready to eat, the tahini turned into a thin coating of paste that was unlike anything I’ve tasted because it was very cheesy, savory, and tangy in a unique way. It is very different from “hydrated” tahini, indeed.

These kale chips were one of the tastiest snacks I’ve ever had. It is an easy way to get lots of greens in the old system.