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mushroom and bean stew with kale slaw
August 13, 2010, 6:27 pm
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England is much farther north than anywhere I have lived on the East coast of the US. This means the days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter. The weather is described as moderate. It is often chilly here. The summer does get warm sometimes, but it rarely ever gets hot.

Stew, kale, and beet root are all pretty hearty foods, and they are all perfectly in season right now. Yes, in England we are eating stew in mid August to revive ourselves after a soaking wet hike with the pooch. Lately it has been raining buckets and soups and stews have been timely and warming.

I made this stew by sauteing onion, mushroom, and carrots with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, cayenne pepper, thyme, oregano, and garlic. Once the onion browned, I added kidney beans, aduki beans, water, and more crushed garlic. I simmered the stew and after a bit, I added potatoes. Fifteen minutes later, some cauliflower. I added barley miso before serving and garnished with coriander/cilantro.

For the slaw, I just shredded kale and beet root, mixed it with a bit of crushed garlic, tamari, hemp seeds, pumkin seeds, and lemon juice.