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earthships 4ever
January 11, 2011, 10:45 pm
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A few years ago, my love and I travelled through the USA and made it to one of our flagship destinations: Taos, New Mexico, home of the earthships! I fell into a deep love with them; they are 100% off the grid, self sustainable eco houses made out of garbage! The bulk of the material used to construct an earthship home consists of spent tires, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. All of the water needed for drinking and bathing is collected from the roof and stored in an indoor cistern. Bath water and waste water are treated through gardens both inside and outside of the house, which filter and condition it.  Electricity is obtained from the sun and wind. Heating is easy since the south-facing walls are all glass; the sun passively heats the interior of the house. There’s also a powerful thermal mass of tire opposite the glass wall that soaks up heat in daylight hours and radiates heat at night. Most of these homes are also equipped with wood burners.

Here are some pictures of an earthship we saw while visiting Taos:

About three nights ago, we watched a documentary entitled Garbage Warrior, and watching it has made me obsessive all over again! The video’s about the history, community, evolution, and technical aspects of the mighty earthship, and documents the political struggle the creator Michael Reynolds endured in order to keep the making of their structures legally viable. Then there’s a lot of footage of the earthship crew building these phenomenal homes in India after the horrible tsunami.

All in all, this is SUCH an uplifting project and the documentary will certainly inspire even the most hopeless that there must be some hope left in this world.

I want to live in one of these BAD. Once I get $140,000…


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