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The first frost
September 30, 2010, 9:15 am
Filed under: gardening

Last night was the first light frost of the season. I’m wearing long johns and doubling up my socks. Winter doesn’t mess about in middle England, and summer doesn’t stick around for long at all. I anticipate we’ll need to light our first fire this week or next.

Several posts back, I explained that I began implementing a green smoothie breakfast, and I’ve stuck with it! My favorite smoothie, which serves 2, consists of two huge handfuls of Nero di Tuscana kale, a large mango, and half of a banana. The energy supplied from fresh, raw kale in the morning is impressive. As the cold sets in, I foresee frequent bowls of warm and stodgy steel cut oatmeal in favor of my tropical smoothies. Still, I’m really glad to have stumbled upon the potent green smoothie, and I know that it will be a friend for life.  Verily, it feels a bit odd to be drinking a blended mango while wearing double layered socks and noticing a slick, silvery lining of frost on the shed across the road…

As far as what’s growing on, I’m happy to report that we are still digging up potatoes from our own beds!! I didn’t expect them to last this long. We have not purchased white potatoes since early June!  Next to the potatoes, we’ve got some hardy turnips fast-developing, and our winter lettuce has already given us a few salads. The lettuce are fast growing and seem very comfortable in the protective green house, next to the multi-colored chili plants and young chard, parsley, and leek plants . The kale, broccoli, and Brussel’s sprouts aren’t doing horrible, but the aphids have made them all a bit shabby. The kale in particular is having a tough time- I end up with very few unspoiled leaves at the moment, despite the various tea-sprays I apply. As the weather continues to turn, I imagine the aphid population will die down and leave us alone!

We also have a patch of enchanting, seven foot tall bean stalks, bearing ripe Wisley Magic beans, which will continue producing until mid October:


The green ones are youngest. The flecks develop and become darker with age, and the flesh becomes tough and dry. We added the older, tougher beans to boiling water 5 or 10 minutes before adding the young ones, so that everything was thoroughly tender.



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