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why do we shoot animals in the woods?
August 18, 2010, 7:39 pm
Filed under: ethos/philosophy

Walking back home after a hike tonight, we passed this murdered owl lying in the field. It’s obvious that it was shot. It makes me wonder why people take guns out and shoot others. It makes me think of another terrible violence, one that occurred on my street two years ago, late at night. An unobtrusive neighbor was knifed by a drugged up passerby. Why do some people act so violently? Why do they deem others’ lives as disposable?

When I contemplate these questions, I can’t help but make the connection to meat eating culture. People want to kill other beings and allow one species to be abused, imprisoned, and murdered for the sake of their own pleasures. I am sick of the amount of violence and unreasonable suffering that exists in the world.


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Maybe they killed the owl to protect the mice.

Comment by Nick

Why should humans meddle in the affairs of the owl?

Comment by veganscene

this is so sad. I don’t understand some people. Whoever did this should be able to look this precious bird in the face and see what they have done. They should also be in jail in my opinion. Killing wildlife for no purpose is cruel and violent.

Comment by kathy

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