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July 31, 2010, 7:22 pm
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a surviving sunflower so close to blooming...

It’s a bit hectic today, so I will leave you with a short post about sunflowers. I sowed the seeds in individual compartments and once the seedlings were root bound, I transferred them to small pots, and then again to larger ones. Once they were at this stage, the stems started to rot, and the leaves were suddenly always droopy and developing large holes. The state of these plants got so bad that I gave up with two plants, and dissembled them in the compost container. I had them on one of the sunniest parts of the yard. All the information I have read about sunflowers has said they prefer full sun!

I was desperate to try to save some, so I moved the three others to a more sheltered, but much shadier part of the garden. I thought they were goners, but within days, the plants perked up, the leaves deepened in color, the rot stopped, and in fact the stems grew thicker. I was so cheerful about how quickly the sunflowers came back into health. I am still unsure as to what went on, but there are two fully bloomed sunflowers and one that will be open by next week. I’ll be sure to do a bit of research and try to gain a bit more insight with a new batch next year. This is why I love growing: there is always the chance to learn more the next time around.

...a few days later, fully bloomed


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